Manage your own event - $10 per person per hour for equipment hire, capped at $900 for the day.

Simply hire some gear from us and run your own event. Perfect if you feel you've got enough in-house expertise to run watersports events, and want to keep costs down. Pricing is set at the cheaper rate of $10 per person per hour or, $900 for enough gear for up to 35 people for an entire school day. We can provide session templates and safety plans (and will have a staff member on hand in case of emergency), so you can run your event as safely as possible within your budget.

Pricing examples:

  • 20 single kayaks for 2 hours, would be just $400 (ie $10 per head per hour)

  • 300 participants in 10 rotations of 30 people, rotating through 30 minute sessions from 9.30am until 2.30pm, would be just $900 (ie $3 per head for the half hour session)


  • Minimum of 15 participants per hour required for this pricing - for smaller groups please contact us for a quote.

  • Invoice will be based on the greater number of participants booked (confirmed the day beforehand), or number that show up on the day (ie if you book for 20 people and 5 show up, you’ll still be charged for 20)

Have our fully qualified watersports instructors manage the event - equipment hire as above, plus $50/hour per instructor.

Hand over event management and instruction, and relax. Better if you're not fully confident in your in-house capabilities, are wanting to outsource management hassle and liability, or provide more tangible learning outcomes. Pricing for equipment hire is the same as above, with an additional $50 per hour for each instructor required (maximum ratio of participants to instructors is 8:1). Minimum of 2 hours charged per instructor. 

To book in, simply email, or call 027 570 0108.